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Commit These Submission Sins And Your Article Will Go To Jail With No Visitation Rights

If you want to succeed at article submission or any business for that matter you have to play by the rules otherwise the gatekeepers will throw your articles in jail, you will not pass go and you will not collect your $200. If your reputation is important to you take the time to know the lay of the land before you send your troupes onto the battlefield as each article you submit will be fighting to get you traffic.

The Resource Box Is For Credibility Not For Sale

If they are not sold by the time they read the article and get to your resource box your article needs to be revisited by your chief editor, which in many cases is you. The resource box should affirm your credibility in a third party way and it should confirm what the reader is thinking; that you are indeed and expert. Keep it short and to the point, this is what is, what it can do for your and how to use it.

Do Not Confuse Your Reader With Too Many Ideas or Products

It seems as if most of American society is A.D.D and they simply do not have the attention span to absorb large chunks of information. If you have a big article consider breaking the article into bite size chunks and guide your reader to your destination with multiple short articles. Very few people have the time or the attention span to digest a five page article with a description of three different products. Keep it short and simple stupid, remember the tried and true KISS principle.

Failing to Get to the Point

Your target audience is probably suffering from information overload which has made them A.D.D., so it is important to keep your article simple and to the point. Focus on your core strengths and tell your reader what it is, what it can do for them and how to take action. Most people are scanning articles nowadays looking for solutions to their challenges. Answer their challenge in a short article and they will jump to another article that you have linked in your article. Guide them through a series of well written short articles and guide them into making the desired decision. For example, the author of this article will break every paragraph of this article into a 300-400 word article. Which of your articles can you do the same?

Stuff Your Article and You Will Go To Jail With No Visitation Rights

It is true that search engines love keywords, especially relevant ones to your domain, title and content, but they will spit them out if your use to many. Many of the article submission sites will not publish your article of your are keyword stuffing. If your keyword is in every sentence of your article you will not get published. Consider having the word or a plural of it in every paragraph. If you use it too much you lose credibility with your reader as well.

Using Website Content

This is something you really need to be aware of, search engines are run by mathematical equations and they are programmed to find duplicate content and sandbox the sites that have it and promote the sites who don’t have it. So rule number one for SEO is, do not cut and paste your content. The lazy man approach to creating lots of content is the quickest way to pass go without collecting your $200. Posting duplicate content will defeat the purpose of submitting articles to attract visitors, so wouldn’t this be called insanity, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?

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