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Is There a Better Way to Reach Website Visitors? Yes — Live Business Chat.

Sure, websites get big. But do they get so big that you can’t afford to have someone there, live, capturing your visitors with a business chat interface that can drive interest and conversions through the roof? No — it’s entirely possible, and here’s why it’s done.

#5: Create a Whole New Experience

Most visitors to your site will arrive, read what you have to offer, be swayed (or not) by your combination of design and writing, and do what you asked them to do. But if you have a real live business chat on the site, in which they can ask questions to an actual person? The whole purpose of your site has suddenly shifted.

#4: It’s Easier to Get Leads in Chat Than Any Other Method

There’s a tangible gap in the way email works. Sure, it’s a fast method of communication, but in one sense, it’s not even as fast as sending a text message. Of all the ways you can communicate with your customers, besides the telephone, chat is one of the most instant. If you can add it to a website, you’ll pull leads even faster.

#3: Chat Lets You Test

Another wonderful thing about using business chat is the ability to measure how many people actually respond to your chats by using all the advanced tracking software found in the best live chat programs online. You can make changes to your site and watch the chats go up. But that’s not all…

#2: Focus Groups Are Easier With Chat

When you do make those changes and adjustments to your site, shifting elements around, modifying your copy (this is called split testing), you can get _instant_ feedback by instructing your chat operators to ask, as a closing question, what it was that pulled them in about the chat. You can get instant focus groups, any time you want.

#1: Chat Adds The Human Touch To Your Site

The fundamental problem when it comes to making websites ‘interactive’ is that for so long, that’s been a buzz-word for shiny buttons and moving elements — and really, none of it has been truly interactive. There are web 2.0 elements, there are forums and comments and all the rest, but when you add a live business chat with a real person, directly to your site, you’ve taken a site residing on a server and made it into something truly human instead.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Expanding With Online Lead Generation

Looking for Sales Lead Generation? Here Are 5 Reasons to Use a Chat Interface Online.

When you’ve got a brand-new chat interface on your website, you need someone to man it. Without qualified operators, you might miss out on valuable leads. But do you want to hire a full-time staff to work around-the-clock, just taking care of your chat system? If you invest in the services of a sales lead generation company, you don’t have to take on that responsibility. Here are 5 reasons why.

#5: Understand Your Visitors, Even When They Don’t Become Customers.

When you’re creating online leads, even the ones that don’t end up buying something from you are extremely valuable — think of them as a kind of miniature customer survey. When you’re using chat software, that direct contact with a client (and the ability to check it afterwards) can mean crucial insight into your market.

#4: Eliminate the Friction that Comes From a Normal Online Shopping Experience.

Many people who come to your site as potential customers might leave when they don’t see a human side to your offering. Companies have tried hard to combat this, making sites as ‘human-friendly’ as possible, but having a live person there to eliminate confusion can be that extra step to making a sale.

#3: Human Interaction is Essential.

Thanks to huge advances in web protocols and ever-connected devices, we can capture our visitors and communicate with them directly, right in the web browser, which is something that just didn’t happen several years ago. There’s no point ignoring it anymore — get human interaction into your web presence as soon as possible.

#2: Get the Best of Outsourcing Without the Headache.

Let’s say you want to avoid bringing in new staff, and outsourcing looks like a serious headache — figuring out how to setup an outsourced employee, on-the-clock, appears as tough as hiring a brand new person directly. With a company doing your online lead generation, you get the benefit of outsourcing without the precariousness of that market.

#1: We Can’t Man Our Businesses 24/7.

This is the advantage of the global internet — people can now work for your business in every time zone. Can’t be at your computer to get new sales all the time? No problem. Don’t think of traditional closing hours as an impediment to your business, as there’s no need to do so anymore.

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