A Review Of MLSP

Recently, MLM Lead System Pro (MLSP) changed their name. The new name is now My Lead System Pro. Regardless of the name change, it is still the same wonderful lead generation system that was started in August 2008. The brain trust behind MLSP is Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, and Brian Fanale.

My Lead System Pro was created by those 3 marketing entrepreneurs for several reasons. One of which is to change the face of network marketing as we know it.

On top of that, these three have one primary goal for you. They want you do absolutely dominate your own primary network marketing company – and to do it using both offline and online strategies.

So just what is MLM Lead System Pro?

The focus of this article is to assist you in answering your questions with the most up to date information possible.

The Basics

My Lead System Pro – in a basic term – is a totally customizable, fully branded, and easily duplicatable sales funnel that focused on lead generation. No matter the primary company you’re with, anyone can use this system.

My Lead System Pro is generic – meaning you can plug in ANY company at the end of the sales funnel.

The focus of MLSP is to drive traffic to your personalized and customizable lead capture pages, and attract that traffic to fill out your lead capture form on your site.

MLSP is unique in its overall set-up. It provides exactly what every network marketer needs: a way to generate more leads, and how to generate those leads in as little time and with as little cost possible.

The system is designed to take you on a step by step process to set it all up. After the set-up, you begin your marketing training, set up your affiliate programs (to bring more cash flow into your funnel) and then lead your traffic and leads to your primary company – so that you can attract them to join you in your business.

Not Technically Sound?

When I started, I wasn’t. I had tried creating my own lead capture pages before, with no success at all.

When it came to setting up MLSP, it was daunting to me at first. There were things I had never worked with at first like capture pages, auto-responders, videos, and online marketing strategies.

Essentially all of the hard work is done for you. It’s all laid out in a simple format within MLSP.

By giving you everything that MLSP has, you can then turn around and give other MLM’ers the exact same value that you’re getting. This helps to build that ever important relationship with your leads. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that relationship is vital to your online success.

The relationship building that begins inside MLSP helps to point the spot light at you as someone who is an authority figure – and yes, even when you’ve made NO money. Because of the wealth of knowledge at your finger tips with MLSP, you are now an authority figure for the other 95% of network marketers who have no clue what they’re doing in this industry.

People want someone to show them a successful way to build their business. They don’t want another product or comp plan – they already have one of those.

The Benefits of MLSP

I already hinted at two of the benefits of MLSP and online lead generation:

1. – Approaching family and friends is a thing of the past. The very first time you joined a network marketing company and failed miserably, you lost all credibility with that person. SO what makes you think they would want to join you in your current company?

Two – MLM Lead generation iS duplicatable. Take what you’ve found success with, and pass it along to your team. Any successful upline will tell you that duplication is the key to success.

Now that I have made you accessable to some of the benefits of My Lead System Pro (MLSP), I certainly encourage you to take a closer look at what MLSP can offer you.

You can find my video tour that I promised on My Lead System Pro at my blog site. To kick start MLSP for you, follow the link.

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